Phase One - tackling hypertension in West Yorkshire and Harrogate 

In Phase One of the Healthy Hearts project, we are helping local GPs to identify patients already registered with them who have undiagnosed high blood pressure (hypertension), which can often be an indicator of cardiovascular disease. We are aiming to help increase the detection of 18,000 more people with undiagnosed hypertension across the region. 

By equipping local GPs with new coding, which allows them to search their patient databases more effectively, along with the latest advice and guidance on the most effective treatments, we expect to be able to reduce the number of local people suffering from heart attacks and strokes. We also aim to support 40,000 more patients across West Yorkshire and Harrogate already diagnosed with hypertension who will benefit from simple improvements to their existing medication.

We believe that phase one alone will prevent 285 heart attacks and 421 strokes across West Yorkshire and Harrogate, saving the local NHS more than £8m.

Phase One - supporting resources for Primary Care

Below you will find a list of resources designed to help those working within Primary Care in West Yorkshire and Harrogate who are implementing phase one of the Healthy Hearts project.

contains detailed information for GPs and health professionals in the area who are treating patients, under the age of 80, who have uncomplicated hypertension




contains a summary of the three Healthy Hearts searches, a treatment guidance flowchart and how to access the searches


Phase One - what we have achieved to date

Since Jan 2019, the Healthy Hearts project has seen more than 10,000 additional patients added to hypertension registers and nearly 17,500 patients having their blood pressure controlled to below 140/90. 

Because of this, over the next 5 years, an estimated 350 people will avoid a heart attack or stroke. 

A huge thank you to all the practices that are supporting phase one of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Healthy Hearts project. It is thanks to everyone’s hard work and contribution that we have achieved these results.

Phase One - resources that Primary Care can use for patients

Here we have included some support resources that you can give to patients when needed:

Blood Pressure UK has created a Blood Pressure leaflet in 33 languages including details on what high blood pressure is, how to lower it, how to measure it at home.

  • 'How to measure your blood pressure at home' leaflet: a simple BP diary that GPs can print off for patients during consultations that explains how to measure your blood pressure at home and include a seven day diary.
  • A blood pressure leaflet for patients who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure to help answer their questions.
  • Healthy living leaflet: a handy guide for patients on how to live a 'heart-healthy' life, which GPs can print off for patients during consultations.
  • Healthy Hearts leaflet about blood pressure, what it is, how to prevent it, what can cause it.
  • An NHS drinks diary: to help patients monitor how much they drink in an average week. 
  • Me&My Medline Charter: a campaign led by patients and supported by clinical staff to help people raise concerns and use their medicines better.
  • Moving Medicine: A short, but good quality conversation at the end of a consultation can be very effective in changing people’s levels of physical activity. This toolkit gives you everything you need for a 1 minute, 5 minute and even more minute conversation. 
  • New Medicine Service (NMS) flyer
  • New Medicine Service (NMS) patient letter
  • GP referral letter BP (NMS)  patient letter

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