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On this page healthcare professionals will find information that will help them support and deliver the programme, which we'll be adding to regularly.

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CVD is the second biggest cause of death in England with 200 people dying each day from a heart attack or stroke, over 1200 admissions to accident and emergency because of heart problems and 290 as aresult of cerebrovascular problems.



Phase One: tackling hypertension in West Yorkshire and Harrogate 

In Phase One of the Healthy Hearts Programme we are helping local GPs to identify patients already registered with them who have undiagnosed high blood pressure (hypertension), which can often be an indicator of cardiovascular disease. We estimate there may more than 18,000 across the region. 

By equipping locals GPs with new coding, which allows them to search their own patient databases more effectively, along with the latest advice and guidance on the most effective treatments, we will be able to reduce the number of local people suffering heart attacks and strokes.

We also estimate that there's a group of nearly 40,000 patients across West Yorkshire and Harrogate who have already been diagnosed with hypertension that will benefit from simple improvements to their existing medication.

In fact we believe that phase one alone will prevent 285 heart attacks and 421 strokes across West Yorkshire and Harrogate, saving the local NHS more than £8m.

If you'd like to know more about any aspect of the Healthy Hearts Programme please email us our use the contact form on this website.    


Phase one - what people are saying

Here's some of the feedback we've had from local health care professionals since we launched phase one at the start of April, 2019. 


  • 'Useful and easy to print resources that look good.' 
  • 'Lots of useful info on the website. We can pick and choose what we really need.'
  • 'Really like the simplicity and it's so good to have something that's been created locally.'
  • 'It's not always easy for patients to estimate how much alcohol they consume so the drinks diary is really useful.'   
  • 'These targeted searches will help us find patients a lot easier, especially when we're all really busy.'
  • 'A good, clear protocol, nice and simple, which is really important.'  
  • 'The advice on lifestyle and behaviour change, on the Healthy Hearts website, will be really helpful for staff at our practice.' 
  • 'As a GP the searches are going to make my working day easier.'  



Supporting Resources for Primary Care: phase one Healthy Hearts

Below is a list of resources designed to help those working within Primary Care in West Yorkshire and Harrogate who are implementing phase one of the Healthy Hearts Programme.

Making Every Contact Count 

Making Every Contact Count (MECC) is an approach to healthcare that encourages health and social care professionals to use their routine interactions with patients to have brief conversations about how they might make positive improvements to their health and wellbeing. 

Evidence suggests that adaptation of MECC approaches in health and care could have significant, positive impacts on patients health. There's a suite of resources available to support the implementation of MECC in your organisation, including an implementation guide and a training quality checklist.


MECC Link - Simple Signposting to Better Health and Wellbeing 

MECC Link is a simple, flexible Very Brief Intervention (VBI) and signposting tool that has been carefully designed to support Making Every Contact Count. MECC Link will help health care professionals raise awareness, motivate and signpost patients to appropriate services, helping them to maintain and improve their own health and wellbeing. At the touch of a button you can access information on self care services and national and local support services.          

To see listings for West Yorkshire and Harrogate click here.     

Quick Links

Here's some handy quick links to help you, help your patients, make the changes needed to lead a heart healthy life. And remember, there's a lot more advice, guidance and links to useful resources on our lifestyle page.    


  • MECC Link: simple signposting to better health and wellbeing
  • NHS Choices Health Apps Library: listings for safe, tested apps that will help your patients monitor and manage their own health
  • ORCHA: a company that works with healthcare providers and specialises in health app evaluation and their database has links to thousands of health apps, which can be searched either by category or keyword     


Your local stop smoking service can be found here


Your local alcohol addiction services can be found here.

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