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There are lots of helpful tools you can download on your smartphone to help make some changes to your lifestyle.

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Manage your health and wellbeing with apps and online tools

NHS Health Apps Library

Have a look at the NHS Choices health apps library to find more safe and tested apps that will help you manage your health.  


You may also want to look at ORCHA, a company that works with healthcare providers and specialises in health app evaluation. Their database has links to thousands of health apps, which you can search either by category or keyword.


MECC Link provides clear signposting to local and national services on a full range of health and wellbeing related topics. If you're a health or social care professional you can find out more about MECC Link, which is part of Making Every Contact Count, on our professional page.   


This month's app

Dr Tom Micklewright looks at some of the best apps for heart health.

Kardia demonstration: Dr Micklewright looks at the way in which the Kardia app and device is designed to mimic the results of a single lead ECG, meaning it can be used to detect atrial fibrillation (AF). Patients can take their own readings, which are recorded and can be tracked in the app:

FibriCheck demonstration: 

Dr Micklewright demonstrates the FibriCheck app, exploring how it can be used to detect AF, how it compares to a patch-based ECG trace, and what the clinician dashboard feature looks like:

Fitbit demonstration: Fitbit goes beyond simply tracking steps and sleep, to also track heart rate. The Fitbit watch and app mean that tracking heart rate can become a routine part of the patient's day:

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