Phase Two - tackling cholesterol management

Phase two of the West Yorkshire Healthy Hearts project focuses on optimising cholesterol management in patients who are on a low-intensity statin, and initiating treatment in patients with a CVD risk >10 who are currently not on a statin (or those that have had the offer of a statin previously and may now benefit). High cholesterol is one of the most significant risk factors for CVD.

We aim to provide support resources for Primary Care professionals to help minimise workload, whilst at the same time improve the outcomes for patients.  To support practices, we have created several useful resources that we hope will support GPs when carrying out this work. This includes clinical searches, agreed local treatment guidance and information which can be used when communicating with patients.

The estimated adult population across West Yorkshire with a 10-year CVD risk > 20% is 175,000, and of those 89,250 aren’t treated with a statin. If this project identified and treated 10%, 9,000 people would receive treatment and an estimated 225 to 400 CVD events would be prevented over the next 5 years.

Phase Two – supporting resources for Primary Care

Below you will find a list of resources designed to help those working within Primary Care in West Yorkshire and Harrogate who are implementing phase one of the Healthy Hearts project.




   - Clinical searches: to help practices identify patients         suitable for statin switches and initiation of a statin.

  - Supporting clinical information:       useful information for GPs who are treating patients   with CVD and risks of CVD.

- Statin intolerance: useful advice about statin intolerance and actions to address it.





  • UCLPartners clinical resources:

1. CDV Resources



Phase Two - resources that Primary Care can use for patients

Here you will find patient letters and two frequently asked questions documents to support practices when contacting patients.

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